Center for Reproductive Medicine "Universe"

Fields of practical affairs

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecological and reproductive-endocrine pathologies in women, men, children and adolescents

  • All kinds of menstrual disorders - menorrhagia, metrorrhagias, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc .;
  • Metabolic syndrome, hypothalamic syndrome, body mass deficiency;
  • Hirsutism, rash on face and body in girls and women;
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • Benign ovarian formations (cysts);
  • Hyperprolactinemic syndrome;
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia;
  • Hypogonadism;
  • Primary ovarian failure;
  • Hysteromyoma;
  • Endometriosis
  • Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of genital organs;
  • Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Disorders of reproductive function development (among girls and boys) - early sexual development, delay in sexual development;
  • Delay in physical development (among girls and boys);
  • Anomalies of sexual development in adolescents and adults of both sexes of female, male and intersexual phenotypes (gonadal dysgenesis, androgen resistance syndrome, viril, classical form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Klinefelter syndrome, etc.);

Management of physiological and post-operative (bilateral ovarian excision) climacteric period and syndrome of Primary ovarian failure

  • Treatment of female sexual hormones deficiency manifestations;
  • Prevention of osteoporosis and cardio-vascular diseases;
  • Surgical treatment of the prolapse of genital organs;

Determination of the causes and adequate treatment of sexual dysfunctions 

  • Decrease or absence of sexual desire (libido),
  • Lack of genital reactions (erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness),
  • Vaginismus,
  • Ejaculatory disorders,
  • Orgasmic dysfunctions,
  • Determination of the sexual status of couples,
  • Determination of causes and correction of sexual disharmony among couples, etc.

Determination of causes of infertility and it's treatment

  • Assessment of infertile couples;
  • Study of the ovulation and permeability of uterine tubes and conservative and surgical treatment of disorders in women;
  • Study of spermatogenesis indicators and conservative and surgical treatment of disorders (varicocele, etc.) in men;
  • Identification of the nature of immune infertility and its treatment in couples;
  • Determination of the reproductive prognosis and the type of treatment and, if necessary, selection of an adequate method of assisted reproductive technology (intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization, donor-surrogate, etc.) among couples;

Determination of causes (anatomical, hormonal, genetic, infectious, immunological, etc.) of fetal pregnancy losses (spontaneous abortion, stillbirth), prevention of recurrent  pregnancy losses

Management of pregnancy in women treated for infertility and those with endocrine disorders

Antenatal supersvision of pregnant women and treatment in case of identification of pathology  

Investigation, medical-genetic and teratologic counselling, treatment and prevention of recurrent pregancy loss in couples who experienced birth with congenital fetal abnormalities

Prenatal genetic screening (ultrasound scanning, biochemical, hormonal)

Birth regulation (contraception, safe abortion, if indicated)

Early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of reproductive organs tumours (colposcopy, PAP-test, mammary and gynecological echoscopy, oncomarkers, criodestruction, dyathermocoagulation, etc.)

Surgical treatment of gynecological and reproductive-endocrine pathologies   by endoscopy (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) and laparotomy methods   - hysteromyoma, polycystic ovaries, ovarian cysts, benign ovarian tumors, extraction of the uterus and its appendages, ectopic pregnancy, polyp in the uterine cavity, septum, T-shaped uterus, endometriosis, adhesion process in the pelvic cavity, extraction of the inflammatory formations, etc.