Center for Reproductive Medicine "Universe"


  • Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” is a unique medical institution, which provides all types of continuous medical services in the field of reproductive health: preparation for pregnancy, monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Males and females have equal possibilities to receive comprehensive and complex services for testing and treatment of reproductive disorders in compliance with advanced modern requirements. Such possibilities are offered by out-patient and in-patient care departments of the Center “Universe” for conservative and surgical treatment of reproductive disorders in patients of both sexes (from childhood through climacteric period);
  • Comfortable environment, latest world-class equipment, advanced testing and treatment methods (including in-vitro fertilization), friendly, experienced, authoritative and highly qualified staff of the Center ensures high quality of medical services and patient's satisfaction and trust;
  • Besides the practical activities at the Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe”, a great attention is paid to the scientific and educational work. Staff of the Center is actively involved in scientific researches, development of medical guidelines and protocols, in the work of international congresses, conferences, seminars, as well as in the process of continuous medical education. All above-mentioned guarantees that services provided for patients correspond to modern world standards and are permanently updated according to innovative changes;
  • Practical, as well as scientific priorities of the Center are infertility and recurrent pregnancy losses. Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” has exclusive experience of working in this direction. Results of scientific researches performed at the Center in this field is of great interest not only in Georgia but abroad as well, which was marked by victories of many scientific works, presented by the Center's staff at the competitions of international scientific congresses of recent years;
  • Based on the priorities of scientific and clinical activities, the Center has developed special algorithms and guidelines for the above-mentioned conditions, which are based on the latest world data, as well as on our rich practical experience and country specificity (including the health system). In managing reproductive system disorders, the main emphasis is on an integrated and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment, in which, based on the identification of causal relationship, we perform thorough examination of each patient, as accurate diagnosing as possible and then select an individual, optimal treatment regimen to achieve the best, effective results.
  • In addition to routine (hormonal, genetic (PCR), radiological, etc.), the CRM “Universe” uses such modern, highly effective methods as the determination of fragmentation of sperm DNA, the treatment of varicocele by endovascular embolization, hysterosalpingography in dynamics on a digital X-ray, etc.;
  • The high efficiency of treatment of patients is due to a personified, complex approach and a wide range of methods. For example, selection for an infertile couple of an adequate method of assisted reproductive technology - intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization (ICSI, TESA / TESE), blastocyst culture, freezing of sperm and embryos - cryopreservation, cryo cycles, etc.), donation-surrogacy.